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Meet our Grower - Partners

A note from Barb: I work closely with some of the our region's top producers of bottom cultured oysters who employ responsible lease management practices and utilize the same genetic seed source (Muscongus Bay Aquaculture) and culture techniques as I did when I ran my own oyster farm for 3 decades. The oysters have a deep cup, hard shell, and classic shape of a deep water Maine grown oyster. I have several oyster holding rafts here in my cove, which is flushed with much colder sea water than the leases themselves, where the oysters purge for a period of 2-4 additional weeks post-harvest. This  allows them to repair any shell damage from the harvest, purge of grit and sediment, and strengthen for shipment. The cool water circulating through the rafts also provides a measure of safety during the warmer months when vibrio can be a concern. The oysters are then washed in small batches, quickly chilled, hand sorted, and inspected prior to sale. The result is a consistently superior quality oyster.

 Our grower - partners are proud stewards of the Damariscotta River Estuary.




Barbara Scully

Appledore Oysters

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